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Emergent Curriculum


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 The Clifton School participates in a series of professional development programs to understand this philosophy and implement it in the classroom. Parents, teachers, and children are involved in shaping the program to adapt the strengths of these concepts to our North American context.  Working together, we can enjoy the excitement of exploration and collaboration that characterize the constructivist-based practices.

These are some of the fundamental principles of the Emergent Curriculum that inspire us:

  • Each child has a strong personal identity and possesses a great learning potential, which is recognized and nurtured by educators.
  • Teachers are considered researchers in this learning process. They observe, question and interact with the children as they learn. This interaction informs their practice.
  • Parents are an integral part of this educational process. The collaboration of parents, children, and teachers creates this learning community.
  • As children’s work progresses, teachers document it and reflect upon it. They share this documentation with the parents, children, and community to help enrich and extend the study.
  • Children use many “languages” to express their ideas and to explore their world. These languages include symbolic and artistic means, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, dramatizing and making music.
  • Creativity is emphasized in the program and incorporated in all aspects of learning.
  • The learning environment contributes to the child’s experience by providing a rich visual backdrop, along with invitations to explore and communicate discoveries.

The Clifton School welcomes children and their families to our homelike environment – one that is comfortable, naturally lighted, and stimulating. We appreciate this opportunity to be a part of your child’s lifelong learning process.

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